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Capital City Strings, Inc.

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Capital City Strings, Inc.

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Welcome to Capital City Strings, Inc.

 145 S. 56th Street, Lincoln NE, entrance on the back side.

402 975 8182


Capital City Strings, Inc.


Marilyn Wallin will be in residence for the month of March as well as most of April and May.

Please call ahead to insure prompt service.



 Capital City Strings, Inc. is pleased to invite you to play a violin from one of our new lines, designed for intermediate and advancing musicians. These violins represent a good value on a low maintenance, lovely looking violin.


We carry a broad variety of instruments from $500 to $20,000 plus.


If you are considering renting a violin, viola or cello, we are expanding our department this fall.


We will be available for most of the upcoming Saturdays by appointment.


Thank you for a great first year!



Nebraska’s only American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers Member shop.