⇒ High quality rental stringed instruments, best professional set-up and adjustments
⇒ Free maintenance, minor repairs and size changes as needed
⇒ Rent to own! Your first year’s rent counts towards purchase of any instrument.
⇒ Great discount with full year rental period.
⇒ Minimum rental of three months.

Rent to Own

The first year of timely rental fees, (less tax, fees and accessories), accumulate as equity. This amount may be applied toward the purchase of the rental instrument, or to any of our other instruments.  Rent paid on two separate rentals may not be combined. This credit never expires.


The included Protection Plan covers maintenance and minor repairs needed due to accidental damage. Consumables, such as broken strings or bow rehairs are excluded.
All repairs and maintenance must be performed by Capital City Strings, Inc. No exceptions.
A loaner or exchange instrument will be provided if the repairs cannot be completed right away. Pick up and drop off service is often available- please ask! The price for the Protection Plan is covered in the rental fee, but does not accumulate as equity.

Size Exchange

Instruments may be exchanged for a different size when requested by the teacher. The new instrument may rent at a slightly different rate.

Theft is only covered if accompanied by a police report.
Renewals, returns, past-due charges

Instruments rent quarterly on the 1st of each month.  For annual rentals, renewal notices will be sent two weeks before the expiration date. Past due fees will accumulate, and rental discounts are cancelled if rent is not paid on time.


Rented instruments and outfits remain the property of, and must be returned to:

Capital City Strings, Inc.